Advanced technology to provide customers with superior products.

Our main products are pressure Power station Valve series, all kinds of Pneumatic, Power-driven Control Valves,
Large displacement steam traps, High temperature and pressure stop valves, gate valves, Check Valves, Ball valves and so on.


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Product quality commitment

We guarantee that our valve products manufactured with reasonable process and standard materials, and in accordance with the provisions of the tender, contract quality, specifications and performance requirements.

Ensure the correct installation, normal operation and maintenance of the valve equipment, with satisfactory performance in its service life.

After the completion of equipment manufacturing, our company on the quality and performance requirements of the contract in accordance with the provisions of a detailed and comprehensive inspection, quality requirements, and can produce product certification, inspection records.

Valve equipment warranty period of 12 months after the installation and commissioning qualified.

After-sales service commitment

(1) in the process of installation, commissioning and quality assurance, we have experienced engineers to provide reliable technical service to customers.

(2) to ensure the quality of the project, provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and other relevant information, and can deliver the technical documents and drawings specified in the tender. To provide users with a complete equipment installation manual, operation and maintenance manual for the user satisfaction of qualified mechanical and electrical equipment and first-class technical services. To provide users with detailed technical information on new products.

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